is maintained by PlanePlotter ground station "rN", Suffolk, England. My ADS-B 1090 MHz set-up consists of a MD-1105 5dB antenna, a LNA/SAW filter and RTL-SDR dongle.

Software used is Dump1090 (Windows) and PlanePlotter. Dump1090 also feeds Virtual Radar Server - the output of which is displayed on this page 24/7.


In addition, I have a similar set-up for maritime AIS - Metz AIS antenna, LNA/SAW filter, RTL-SDR dongle and the excellent AISRecWinFull decoding software.

Simultaneous decoding of 161.975 and 162.025 goes via UDP to ShipPlotter, which in turn outputs to numerous marine tracking websites. My station can be found here: AIS Suffolk.


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